What happens, if I don't renew my membership in time?

Your profile will be turned into a "passive" membership. You may still login, read the forum and receive messages, but won't be able to write messages. You can renew your membership any time after expiration. I want the "passive" members not to show up in my search list! Please sort your search according to last login, this will rank the passive members (who can receive but not answer messages) last.

What do the little flags next to some profiles mean?

Additionally to you english-speaking comunity, there are four more countries present: Germany (with Austria and Switzerland), Croatia, Hungary and Latvia. For your easier assessment, profiles from these countries are marked with their respective flag. You can easily change your international settings so as to show up or not in the other countries: Please go to "profil" --> "edit profile" --> "international settings" and tick on or off the countries you wish your profile to show up. A short message in the box below (preferably in the respevtive language) will introduce your profile to the partner community.

How do i delete my profile?

To delete your profile, please to  "profil" --> "edit profile" -->"edit personal details" and click on the little blue link "Click here to delete your membership". Attention: This will delete all your data irrevocably!